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Dr Lauren Stretch

Early Inspiration

Dr Lauren Stretch is passionate about children and education. In 2010 she established Early Inspiration which focusses on teacher training, parent workshops and home-visit programmes in underprivileged communities.

She presents at conferences on her studies and the research that is done within her organization, as well as recent trends and developments. In 2014, she was granted her Doctorate of Education.

Lauren will be providing articles to the Little Pages, drawing on her knowledge and research to provide practical insights and tips for parents on the how to’s and the benefits of early childhood development, as well as other related topics.

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Anna Heydenrych

I love possibilities and ideas and spend a lot of time dreaming up grand schemes for the future. I am an entrepreneur at heart and love to inspire others to come along with me on my fantastical journeys. My dear husband is ever-willing to lend an ear.

I am also interpreter and general ‘go to person’ to a very busy and inquisitive toddler named Caleb. Becoming a mom has been the most humbling, self-sacrificing and crazy time of my life. It is a journey that is teaching me wonderful lessons and has brought a dimension to my character that I love.

I will be writing from personal experiences, with a heart to connect with other moms in the same season.

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Greta Williams

After giving birth to a premature son with numerous medical issues, I learned that breastfeeding and an all-natural diet would give him the best chance of someday being medication-free. Ten years, and tons of research later, I am inspired to share my accomplishments... and warn of my mistakes.

In 2007 I became a trained spokesperson for the Feingold Association, dedicated to using diet to help combat the 4 A’s: asthma, allergies, autism, and ADHD (It is estimated that 1:3 children are now diagnosed with at least one of these aliments). I am also a nationally (United States) certified Bradley® Natural Childbirth instructor advocating for unmedicated births. I have recently spoken on behalf of Feingold for ADHASA, a South African organization dedicated to help those learning to live with ADD and ADHD. Most recently I’ve been asked by Feingold to head the South African side of Feingold, both online and in speaking engagements.

Feeding my children homemade, healthy food is the most rewarding job I have ever had, but I did feel overwhelmed and frustrated at times. I hope that through chatting to parents through sites such as these, as well as offering one-on-one consults, parents will obtain the knowledge and confidence they need to ensure healthy eating habits for the future.

As a result of my experience with my children, my love of all things natural, and my nutrition education through Feingold, I started Nurture Naturally in 2013. The aim is to make healthy options easy and affordable. For those working, busy or kitchen-phobic parents, I offer a wide variety of healthy options to ensure baby’s health. Nurture Naturally makes baby food the way it should be—naturally. The food is free of preservatives, fillers, additives, sweeteners, flavours, and colours. Instead it is full of tastes, textures, and nutrients essential to baby’s constantly growing body.

I strongly believe that everyone would benefit from a natural diet and limited artificial substances.

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Sarah Massey-Hicks

My Mama Made It!

A mama, a maker and a lover of beautiful things.

I am the founder and one half of the creative brain behind the ever growing Port Elizabeth based kiddies’ brand, Myang, and I am extremely chuffed to be writing this blog for The Little Pages.

I like to think of myself as a creative mama, and in this blog I would like to share some of these and other adventures with you. My husband and I are both proudly born and bred in the Friendly City and the proud parents of two glorious little girls…the effervescent and gorgeous Princess Olivia as well as her younger sister, the rambunctious and delicious Miss Adia. We live in a gingerbread-esque house with Rosie, our death defying Houdini of a hound and Loki, our ever patient cat. Our household is in a constant state of chaos, full of noise, love, music, food, wine, friends, family, sewing, reading, gardening and JOY! We would not want it any other way.

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Sue Paterson

Sue is a 50-something wife, mother and retired teacher with a B Social Science degree in Social Work and Psychology, as well as a post-grad diploma in Pre-Primary education. She has 20 years of experience in teaching children between the ages of 2 and 6.

She has two sons, both in their twenties, and both successful in their chosen fields. Sue says "I have kept in touch with small people and their parents by babysitting for friends over the past 5 years, or so. I also look after my great nephew Caleb once a week. He is 19 months old now, and keeps me on my (slightly arthritic) toes."

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Super Granny, Andalene Salvesen

The Munchkins team is headed up by Andalene Salvesen, known as South Africa’s very own Super Granny, a title which she has earned based on her work assisting families to overcome common parenting challenges. Many parents in Port Elizabeth have attended her popular seminar and her visits to the city are always welcomed with warm anticipation as she provides practical tools to assist parents dealing with issues like tantrums, sleeping, eating and discipline problems.

Andalene and the rest of the Munchkins team are also available for home visits, providing coaching to parents in the comfort of their own homes.

The Munchkins team will be providing articles for the Little Pages blog on a variety of parenting topics, and are excited to connect with the parents of Port Elizabeth. You can find out more about Munchkins here:

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sr Teresa Hayward

I am a Registered midwife who is also Neonatal ICU trained and have been in Private practice since 2006 after the birth of my son. When I started I did mainly Postnatal home visits and then extended into Antenatal classes. Before I went into Private Practice I worked at Greenacres Hospital for 10 years in both their ICU and NICU. In 2013, I expanded my practice and now offer a number of services to new parents and their babies, as I felt there was a huge need for these services in Port Elizabeth. I now offer Antenatal consultations and Antenatal classes as well as Parenting workshops, Doula services, Postnatal home visits, Well baby clinic, New moms support group and Sleep coaching consultations. I am extremely passionate about everything to do with Pregnancy, birth and babies and feel that I am extremely lucky to be able to do what I love.

I also truly believe that babies don’t keep working hours and I can be contacted anytime of the day by her parents, as a Happy mom = a happy baby = happy family unit.

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Lize-Mari Arthur

Living and Loving Life

Recently turned mom, I currently spend most of my time gurgling, pulling funny faces and learning to sleep on the go. Other than that I am a happily married, quarter of a century old woman with big dreams and lots of faith in God to have even bigger ones.

When I'm not with my family, I present the Lifestyle Show on our local Family Lifestyle radio station, Kingfisher FM and indulge in reading as much fiction as possible! I love escaping into stories, so books and movies are old friends of mine and by marriage also my husbands. (Well, not really. Just the movies, I'm still working on the books part...) In short, that's me and you can also catch me at my blog

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Deirdre Gower

I am the proud mom of a sixteen year old “little boy” Damian, who despite being wheelchair-bound, has an adventurous spirit and is ever eager to participate in whatever activities and opportunities arise.

For a living, I lead guided horse trails through a game reserve, am the marketing manager for an accommodation booking website and a freelance writer. My first book, Warrior on Wheels, written for Damian as a 13th birthday gift, has been produced for theatre by the Chaeli Campaign as part of their Ability Festival.

East London born, we spent a couple of years in Port Elizabeth and are now Cape Town based. I will be sharing my experiences of single- and special needs parenting.

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Bronwyn Westmore

Titch and Bean

I am one half of the team that makes up the family-run business, Titch & Bean. Titch and Bean are family nicknames; Titch (Mark, my father) is not particularly tall while Bean (me) started life off as Human Being, which morphed into Bean (and sometimes String Bean, Squeaky Bean and Bean Sprout).

Titch & Bean is an online baby boutique bursting with delightful awesomeness! Ranging from the everyday essentials to the extra-special something that makes a perfect gift, we have a range of carefully selected goods for tiny humans. Sourcing these products has opened us up to a world of information, research, ideas and just plain cool stuff, which we’ll be writing about and sharing with you on the Little Pages blog.

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Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson holds an M.Com degree from Rhodes University. He is currently a doctoral candidate at NMMU and a financial industry research specialist.

Steven will be providing blog content of a financial nature from time to time, covering topics like selecting a health care option for your family, and practical tips to teach your children good financial principals from a young age.

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