Human Dignity Centre


The Human Dignity Centre encompasses various upliftment projects involving the Walmer Township (Gqebera) Community.

Orphanage Without Walls
Jerusalem Ministries supports 290 children in the Walmer Township by finding and supporting carers (such as aunties and grannies) who care for the children.

As part of the project to help orphans and vulnerable children, we run a pre-primary. At the moment we have 3 classes giving excellent education to the children of our project.

Human Dignity Centre School
Our Human Dignity School is a Junior Phase School which started off in 2011 with our 21 Grade 1s has now (2013) grown to Grade 3 with 63 children. We have been making great strides and are providing quality education in both English and Xhosa with our primary goal being the raising of the level of English literacy and numeracy. Our children are confident and happy speaking English on the playground as well as in the Township.

60 odd children come from the Walmer Township after school daily for a lunch and help with their homework and to play a game of soccer, when they leave they receive a helping of porridge to take home for their breakfast for the next day.

Jerusalem Ministries runs 4 soup kitchens in different areas of the Walmer Township. We supply Soya and Rice, to 3 of them. The mamma's cook the food for the children in need in their area and refer the children to us if they think that these children meet our criteria.

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Contact Person: Nobulungisa Mphomane
Phone: 041 - 366 2082
Address: 1 Victoria Drive, Walmer, 6070

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