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Isithembiso exists because we refuse to let abandoned or orphaned babies in our city remain that way. Our vision is to see those babies placed in families that will love them as their own, and to this end we work as hard as we can, speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves and defending their rights. If you are determined to make a difference in Port Elizabeth by standing up for the helpless among us, we want to speak to you.

We are passionate about volunteers! We believe that the practical help which you can provide is absolutely vital to help us be a “home” - a place of love, hugs, comfort; of time spent playing and singing with our babies.

How volunteer
As an NPO, there are certain procedures which are necessary for us to undertake as we register you as a volunteer. These processes are in no way meant to discourage you, but simply to ensure that we abide by the necessary legal requirements governing the care of children in need, and to ensuring that our children are cared for in the best possible way. We are committed to making this process as straight-forward as possible, and for this reason we host monthly workshops where we provide all the forms and go through the process with all prospective volunteers. Please send an email to our coordinator Carmen

Contact Details

Contact Person: Carmen
Phone: +2741 581 5763
Address: 95 Fordyce Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070

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